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i dont like getting yelled at i literally stand there and burst into tears

and they’re like WHY ARE YOU CRYING?!!?! It’s because you’re fucking yelling at me you shithead

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This is so deep I’m gonna reevaluate my life

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i hate people who are older than you who think they know more than you like what u know more about? funeral plans? hearing aids? old bitch

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Why do people freak out if they can see boobs showing or lots of cleavage or a bra showing??? Like ???? it’s my body part. calm the fuck down are you gonna really lose your shit over being able to see some sideboob and a part of my bra??? Y’all wouldn’t be doin this if it were a bathing suit. Chill the fuck out

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This is Foo-Chan, the Japanese equivalent of Grumpy Cat. But instead of being grumpy, he just looks like he’s disappointed all of the time. 


I’ve reblogged this 20 times but I feel like Foo-Chan will be disappointed if I keep scrolling

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u know someone is having a rough day when their favorite song plays and they don’t sing along

No one will understand how much this just broke my heart.

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