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cassadee pope + rian dawson (on the voice)

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Avril Lavigne and Hello Kitty

Recently, there has been much controversy over Avril Lavigne and her song “Hello Kitty.” While she claims that she made this song for her fans in Japan, she doesn’t realize that other people around the world listen to her music. To be honest, “Hello Kitty” is a poorly written song and it makes no sense to say “thank you” at the beginning of a song. Oh and I’m 1/4 Japanese so please don’t classify me as another “white american” that is judging on something she doesn’t understand. 

if she was trying to appeal to her Japanese fans, she could have done her song in a way that didn’t focus on stereotypes. She is stereotyping that basically all asian girls are like that which isn’t true at all. Not all girls choose to have brightly colored hair while wearing clothing that is all pastel color shades. Some dress more modern such a jeans and a shirt while others still believe in the original dress of wearing a kimono. 

Basically, all I’m trying to say is that as a 1/4 Japanese woman, I don’t think Avril Lavigne should have written a song that didn’t focus completely on the stereotypes in the Japanese culture. They are stereotypes for a reason. 

Ready To Move On

*This is a long post, skip over this if you hate reading* 

For so long, I’ve had difficulty in figuring out who I am and what i actually want to do with my life. One minute, i feel as though I am good at one thing and then other times, i feel as though i’m not even remotely capable enough of being in a career field. Maybe it’s just hard for me to imagine myself being successful since i’ve been dragged down so much. Who really knows though? I don’t. 

After being at college for almost one full school year, i still have to figure out the one simple question that  I should be capable of answering which is: Who am I? To be quite honest, I don’t know who I am or what my purpose is. We all are supposedly “destined” to do these greats things and accomplish so many tasks, but lately, I feel as though I’m not even close to being successful. 

Love life, more like no life. My love life is this nonexistent piece of shit that somehow has to exist but in reality, there is nothing there to be able to exist. So in theory, my love life is an empty waste of space that has no distant future in being filled by someone. 

I think for now, it’s time to for me to move on and just focus on my career. 

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